5 Health Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors

chair yoga for seniors

There are over 36 million Americans who practice yoga. If you have mobility issues, you may think that the downward dog and the lotus positions simply aren’t for you.

How can you possibly achieve these challenging poses yourself? And yet, many of the same health benefits of yoga can be enjoyed through chair yoga for seniors.

Do you want to discover more about how chair yoga can give you numerous advantages? Check out the below!

1. Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles

As you get older, your muscles, bones, and joints weaken over time. But, you don’t simply have to accept this decline in your strength.

If you want to ensure that you stay independent and physically strong, chair yoga can help support your mission to become stronger.

When you’re constantly using your body in yoga, you’ll find that your muscles and joints are much more resilient.

This is especially important if you’re unfortunate enough to have a fall since your body will recover quicker and stronger if you have regularly practiced yoga.

2. Get More Flexible

You may not be able to touch your toes or do the splits. However, with chair yoga, you may be able to regain your flexibility again.

You may struggle to reach the ground or tie your shoelaces by yourself. This can be terrible for your independence in life.

If you regularly practice the chair yoga movements, you’ll quickly notice that you’re able to move more flexibly in no time. 

3. Happier and Stress-Free

Over 80 percent of Americans suffer from stress. You can be especially vulnerable to stress and anxiety when you’re elderly.

You’re not able to do what you once was. This can damage your sense of identity and ability to make your own decisions.

However, chair yoga could help you stay calmer and more peaceful in old age. You may even feel that you’re happier when you’re doing yoga. 

4. Opportunity for Social Interaction

You may not think about social interaction as a health concern. But, loneliness and social isolation have been connected with numerous health problems.

When you’re a senior, it can be extremely common to spend days exclusively by yourself. You may go even weeks without talking to anyone.

When you practice chair yoga, you can meet with friends to socialize and exercise. You’ll also get the chance to speak with the instructor.

Chair yoga could quickly become the most exciting thing in your social calendar, as well as keeping you physically fit and healthy.

5. Improved Ability to Manage Your Pain

When you practice chair yoga, you’ll also find that you improve your ability to manage pain.

Chronic pain is extremely common when you’re elderly. You can receive drugs and therapy to help you to cope.

But, you’ll also find that paying attention to your breathing and learning how to focus your mind through yoga also helps.

Chair Yoga for Seniors

Are you wondering about the benefits of chair yoga for seniors?

From improving your ability to manage pain to helping you stay happy and stress-free, there are numerous ways that yoga can help you in old age.

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