Have you Achieved Optimal Living? The Five Questions to Enjoy your Best Retirement

Life is defined by its turning points. It’s at those times that we have the chance to ask, “what’s next?” and to imagine the very best life can be. Retirement is one of these moments. It’s the time to draw from your whole life and to consider all the options ahead of you. 

After years of doing things like working late nights at the office, raising a family, and relentlessly pursuing a personal life, this is your chance to think about yourself. You have space, time, and resources to decide how, where, and with whom you want to spend your days. Bringing this vision to life starts with considering all the things that go into your best life – how you can genuinely experience optimal living.

What is Optimal Living?

Optimal living challenges the notion that normal is acceptable. It’s unique to each individual and proactive. In the context of your retirement, optimal living is the freedom to decide how you want to spend your time and the health you need to do those things. Achieving it takes owning your whole-self health – physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social. 

Are you Experiencing Optimal Living?

Chances are, parts of your life match your sense of what’s ideal. In many other ways, the busyness and details of life have stolen time from you. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have you been proactive about your wellness?
  2. Do you eat on the go more often than you take the time to savor your meals?
  3. Are your friends a list of contacts in your phone or members of a real, vibrant community?
  4. Do you make time to exercise?
  5. Is your home comfortable and representative of your personality?

If your answers don’t paint the picture of the life you envision for your retirement years, it’s time to pursue more than the promise. Finding ways to stay active, energized and engaged in your everyday health is no easy feat, but with the right resources, the possibilities are endless.

Create Your Best Life.

Optimal living begins with a thoughtful, well-planned community where every person can discover and create his or her own best version of life. Retirement communities are one of those places.  In this style of living, people experience more than what they’ve come to expect from life in retirement years because they have the flexibility and resources to design every detail. 

Whether it’s enjoying a group fitness training class, dining at one of the chef-driven restaurants, enjoying a walk with friends, or passing a new wellness milestone, each day is an opportunity to delight in a positive, healthy life. In this community, each person is welcome and cared for, wherever they are in the aging process.

Cambridge Village of Wilmington is a vibrant, resort-style community for adults 65 and up that offers living spaces, amenities, care, and services thoughtfully designed to support exceptional whole-self health and happiness for each resident. 

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