5 Surprising Benefits of Group Exercise Classes for Seniors

group exercise classes

You have probably seen the recommended exercise for people aged 65 and over. If you haven’t, we’ll summarize by saying that you should be physically active every day.

On at least two days a week, you should do activities to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Each week, you should also do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity. If you are already active, you can do 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity, or a combination that suits you.

You don’t like doing exercises on your own? Group exercise classes are the way to go! As social beings, there are some surprising benefits to doing physical activities with other people.

#1 Ward Off Illness

Studies have shown you are less likely to get heart disease and diabetes if you are physically active on a regular basis. The immune function improves with even light exercise, such as walking.

#2 Better Mental Health

When you exercise, you produce the feel-good hormones known as endorphins. Their effect is to relieve stress and make you feel relaxed and happy.

Regular exercise also helps you sleep better. And older adults know only too well how insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns can lead to depression. This kind of depression can be avoided.

#3 Social Interaction in Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise can be a fun social event, no matter what form that exercise takes.  Classes with a group exercise instructor are best since as we age, we need reminding about the right way to do certain exercises. It is also good to have a professional physical trainer suggest exercises that are best suited to your level of fitness.

If you’re looking forward to seeing your exercise buddies again, keeping fit will seem less like a chore and more like the pleasurable activity it is supposed to be. Fitness classes at a facility near you probably have classes at various times of the day, and working out a schedule that fits in with your life can also be motivating.

Exercising with a walking group, going to group fitness classes or even playing a social sport is another way to avoid becoming lonely and depressed.

#4 Boost for the Brain

Exercise improves your cognitive function. Regardless of when you began your regular exercise routine, if you’re physically active, the risk of dementia is lower.

#5 Better Balance

Anyone in the fifties will tell you that their balance is not as fine-tuned as it used to be. Certain exercises improve your balance, and these should form part of your weekly routine. Better balance means you reduce the risk of falling – and we know you don’t want to be part of the broken hip brigade!

Bright Colors

Although it’s not a direct benefit of group exercise classes, just think of the fun you can have picking out bright colors for your exercise outfits. Seniors in lycra is a thing – and another thing to laugh about with your friends at the gym.

If you are unsure about how to begin putting an exercise program together, why don’t you get in touch with us at Cambridge Fitness and see the great range of options we have thought up particularly with seniors in mind?