Top 10 Health Benefits of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics

Looking for a fitness program that doesn’t involve gruesome workouts on the treadmill or the elliptical glider? Then water aerobics might be the exercise you seek.

You may have heard of water aerobics from your friends or the internet, but are you aware of its health benefits?

It’s a fun-filled fitness routine suitable for people of all ages. Partaking in water aerobics can go a long way in getting you to a healthy physical fitness level, which is easy to maintain.

You may be wondering where you can enroll in water aerobics classes. Well, Cambridge Fitness located in Wilmington, Brier Creek and Apex, provide aquatic exercises classes for all levels.

Trained professionals will guide you in your journey towards achieving physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

With that said, let’s dive into the top ten health benefits you can derive from water aerobics.

1. It Enhances Your Balance and Coordination

As you grow older, you can experience reduced coordination and balance. Water exercises go a long way into helping you build stability and expand your muscle strength for better coordination.

Besides, the water is a safe environment whereby you’re in control of all physical exercises as opposed to exercising on dry land.

2. Improves Your Cardiovascular Strength

Regular participation in water exercises can help improve the health of your heart.

How does this work?

The water’s pressure in the pool helps in blood circulation. This reduces your blood pressure, which puts less strain on your heart as it pumps blood. With time, you gain cardiovascular strength.

3. It’s a Low Impact Exercise

Unlike other exercises, water exercises provide you with a flexible environment for your workouts.

You don’t need to worry about falling and hurting yourself in the pool. Besides the water’s buoyancy reduces the impact that exercises have on your joints and muscles.

4. Helps You Lose Weight, Burn Calories and Tone Your Muscles

Water exercises can help you burn 500 to 1000 calories per hour. When you swim or do water exercises in cold water, your body burns more calories to keep you warm.

The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose. Besides, the water massages your muscles in a way that helps tone them.

5. Enables You to Heal and Recover from Chronic Conditions

Water exercises are a great way of exercising without straining your muscles or joints.

The water’s buoyancy supports your body weight, which helps reduce the stress exerted on your joints. Besides, the movement of the water helps tone your muscles.

For older people with arthritis, having water exercises in warm water helps relieve arthritis pain, inflammation around the joints and swollen muscles.

However, water aerobics don’t necessarily cure arthritis. Instead, they prevent the condition from getting worse.

6. Water Aerobics Has Mental Health Benefits

Water aerobics is a very refreshing activity. It relaxes your brain and boosts your mental health.

Here are some mental health benefits you can derive from water aerobics.

1. Better sleep

Have you been struggling with insomnia? Try enrolling in a water exercise class. Water has a therapeutic way of refreshing your mind and keeping you invigorated; hence, you will have a better sleep.

2. It reduces stress and anxiety

Do you experience bad mood swings and anxiety? Probably it might be due to the environment you are exposed to.

Participating in water exercises can get you in a better mood. The water has a soothing effect on your mind, which helps reduce your stress levels.

The calm nature of water relieves you of anxiety and puts your brain at ease.

3. Increases level of attention in Children Suffering From ADHD

ADHD is a condition that makes an individual struggle with paying attention and has uncontrolled impulse behavior. It mostly affects children.

As a parent, you may search for ways to manage this condition in your children. One of the best ways is enrolling your child in a water aerobics class.

The water exercises will help improve their coordination, which increases their levels of attention. Besides, they learn how to control their impulses for they work in harmony with the water around them.

4. Relieves Depression

Depression is a mental illness that results from traumatic experiences, genes or going through a medical condition.

If you are going through depression, hydrotherapy exercises might help relieve your depression.

7. It Aids in Recovery from Injuries

If you’re past the age of fifty, your injuries might take longer to heal compared to those of a young person.

This is because your muscle tissues are worn out and may take longer to regenerate. Good news is, water aerobics may help you recover quickly from your injuries.

For instance, if you have recently undergone hip surgery, water aerobics classes will help you build your muscle strength, which aids in quick recovery.

8. Helps Increase Your Flexibility

One of the main benefits of water aerobics is gaining overall flexibility.

How does this happen?

Water adds resistance to the movements you make. Your joints and body parts are pulled and pushed in directions they aren’t used to.

With time you get used to this, and this increases your flexibility both on dry land and in water.

9. It Helps in Cooling the Body Temperature

The hot summer days are here! You need to pull out your swimsuits and enroll in a water aerobics class.

Water aerobics is an excellent form of workout, especially in the hot summer days because they cool your body temperature.

10. Helps You Build Physical Endurance

Water aerobics is a unique way of building your physical endurance. How does this work? Water aerobics is a muscle resistance training which challenges your muscles.

As you continue challenging your muscles, they become stronger. As you build your physical endurance, your heart, your lungs, and other body muscles become stronger.

Water Aerobics Is a Great Social Activity

It’s important to note that your social life can affect your physical health. People are social beings. They tend to live healthier lives if they socialize healthily.

Water aerobics is a social activity that you can enroll with your friends and experience a great time together.

If you are looking for a great institution that offers the best water aerobics classes for you and your friends, contact us today.